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I know – it sucks having to pay for something when it’s available for free, but the world will be a much better place when people are willing to give a little cash in order to see hot chicks bang.

Anyway, enough about all of that: how about you go ahead and check out popular XXX torrent lists I’ve reviewed for you below!

One of the major problems is the fact that I imagine almost all of the content was not uploaded by the original producers, and as such, you’re getting what should be a paid product for free.There are some downsides with torrents and you can sometimes try to grab a sexy Asian babe masturbating solo in a video but you end up with some gay bareback fucking instead – that’s not my scene, so yeah – that thing annoys me! The great thing for you is that I’ve listed all of the places which I’ve verified as being legitimate when I wrote up the reviews – no nonsense here.I also recommend using a plugin for your browser like No Script or u Block Origin – this not only allows you to stop malicious malware from adverts but lets you select elements to block and control, so if something’s annoying you then it’s pretty easy to get rid of it.Most of the sites out there kinda suck and of course, you run the risk of a few having viruses, Malware and the like hosted on them. Porn Geek has worked hard to avoid: I personally check every porn torrent site reviewed here, make sure they have actual files, no nasties while you’re navigating around and of course, a sound archive of X-rated entertainment for you to get your hands on.When all of these elements are combined, you know you’re getting the tier 1 source of adult material.

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