X rated dating

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Because the X rating was not trademarked, anybody could apply it to their films, including pornographers, as many began to do in the 1970s.As pornography began to become chic and more legally and commercially tolerated, pornographers placed an X rating on their films to emphasize the adult content. XX, XXX, etc.) to give the impression that their film contained more graphic sexual content than the simple X rating.Films classified as X18 are banned from being sold or rented in most Australian states.They are legally available to be sold or hired in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

It was introduced as a result of the Wheare Report on film censorship.

In 1975, the X classification (officially: "pornographic or violence-inciting movies") was created for pornographic movies, or movies with successions of scenes of graphic violence.

The commission has some leeway in classification; it may for instance take into account the artistic qualities of a movie not to count it pornographic.

Sometimes the rating of a film has changed significantly over time.

For example, the French film Jules and Jim received an X rating in 1962 that was changed to a PG rating in 1991.

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