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Part of the bad I disregarded so quickly was that he was not available to me.

He couldn't be my best friend, he couldn't treat me the way a woman needs to be treated, he had other non-essential priorities (hobbies, friends, etc) that he placed in front me. Could it be that a girl that had dreams and aspirations to find a commitment worth fighting for, was hiding behind the walls of others?

So-if that is what I have always wanted- why have I sabotaged my own aspirations and established a pattern of dating men that are unavailable?! I feel that most good things are temporary and that I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to fall and things to end.

Boost your self esteem knowing you are wanted by members of the opposite sex.

Feel the profound satisfaction of experiencing your innermost desires.

A man that is unavailable is possibly a challenge for me. Although I have never had an affair, I would imagine that it could possibly be the same.

I have always been the good girl that loved her some bad boy.

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