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Wanis concluded that the spells and curses only had power over those people who believed in them, forming a basis for his later work and studies in hypnotherapy and the power of the mind and beliefs.In 1993, Wanis directed and co-hosted (in English and Spanish) "Miss Verano" beauty pageant in Spain before a live audience of 5,000 people; produced and co-hosted the 1993 "Junior Miss" and "Junior Mister" for 2000 children in Spain and won awards by Thomson Tours 1991, 19 for "Best Entertainment - The Gambia, West Africa"." In March 2011, Wanis criticized toymaker Mattel for its Clawdeen doll stating that it is actually "encouraging a young girl to dress like a stripper" and to believe that she should be sexually enticing to everyone around her.Wanis also criticized clothing retail chain, Abercrombie & Fitch, for marketing padded bikini tops to girls as young as eight years of age, stating to Fox News that the padded tops are both disturbing and dangerous: "Are we sexualizing young girls to get the attention of men or to encourage women to use their daughters to compensate for their own lack of sexual appeal by living vicariously through their daughter? "Is this the extreme extension of the beauty-pageant mother who now seeks to make up for what she can never be?Wanis received the ranking of "A Grade Journalist" (the highest industry grading possible) from the Australian Journalists Association.

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One day in Cozumel, Wanis decided to leave a few volunteers up on stage with the stooges/actors as an experiment and two of those volunteers became hypnotized during the hypnotic induction. in Pennsylvania with degrees in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Subsequently, Wanis would have less stooges and more volunteers in his weekly shows, until he eventually stopped using stooges and actors, and only used real volunteers. In 1995, Wanis became the first resident hypnotist on Carnival Cruise Lines, and was invited to Las Vegas to meet David Copperfield.

We watch Charlie Sheen on his weekly TV show and for almost 7 years, and we welcome his TV character and welcome him in life as a bad boy but we refuse to see him as a man who has abused a woman.

The reality of his abuse, of his violence against a woman, is ignored because people generally seem to like him, to find him affable, viewing him as basically just a boy who is slightly wild and has not yet grown up.

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