Wordpress not updating archive title

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Not only do I consider this okay to do, I actively encourage it.

Remember — you are creating categories and tags that are of use to the reader, so why not link to them?

You shouldn’t tag a page for the sake of tagging a page — you should do so because grouping posts by that particular tag could be of use to a reader.

An easier way to think about it is this — all categories and tags should represent a keyword that a reader would potentially search for.

I would recommend that you keep your post’s content to excerpt length when published on taxonomy and archive pages.

Furthermore, you must always remember that each and every page on your site should have a useful purpose.

Just bear this in mind for the time being — I’ll explain why later.

First of all, let’s address something that is so uncommon in the blogosphere, that I almost feel it must be a taboo of some kind — linking to categories and tags from within your pages and posts.

So, if you’re interested in improving the user experience and boosting traffic to your site, read on to find out how you should optimize your categories and tags in Word Press.

Before we start, let’s push this little issue to one side.

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