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Bio Ware’s Mass Effect games have gotten lots of publicity over their emphasis on making choices.When Commander Shepard is asked a question by an NPC, the player can choose to reply with a specific emotional reaction.

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Going back further, Microsoft showed off the stunning Milo tech demo a couple of E3’s ago, in which a demonstrator drew a picture of a fish on a piece of paper and held it up to the Kinect camera (then known as Project Natal) to give it to Milo.This could be taken a step further by having the controller’s camera read your actual expression right off of your face, and making in-game characters respond accordingly.Another interesting way to make use of faces is for games to remember them, and react to seeing familiar ones (such as yours).Of course, this idea relies on the ability to use multiple tablet controllers at a time; but assuming that’s possible, every player’s face could be thrown into a virtual world displayed on the TV, and they’d try to shoot each other without hitting themselves.The controller’s motion sensors could also come into play to let the game world expand beyond the TV.

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