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The final pre-OS installation tweak is manual overprovisioning, but before we dig into this technique, the procedure requires a bit of explanation.

It is sometimes mistakenly called “short stroking” an SSD.

[Verse 1] You hold my remedy I'll give you the stars over the sea Found the start to love you endlessly You paint all the color into me [Chorus] You're like no one else I've know You make my love still grow Girl, I'll give you my last breath In this heartbeat from my chest [Verse 2] I never thought that it would come to this When life depended on a person's care I stand before you on the open forward, [?

' Night Shift' is the new release from @Frankmusik Official featuring remixes from myself, and others artists from the synthwave scene.

Proper SSD alignment requires that the first partition start at sector 128.

The partition tool built into Win7 (or the latest versions of GParted) will create a partition on an SSD properly, so use the newer tools to ensure the drive is configured properly.

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Unfortunately, this song just doesn't convince and its sentiment isn't enough to carry it through.

Download: Out now CD Released: July 20th Music page (Grant Black)Random Enigma says: I have the original demo of "Confusion girl " on my I-POD , and it sounded raw , interesting and full of personality .

When I first heard this finished version , my first reaction was , oh my God , the song has been so polished by a shiny production , that half of the songs bouncy and raw personality has gone.

‘Better Off As Two’ is his same song again, but this time it’s about dumping his girlfriend. Some thoughts it provoked are: Why has he used 'your' when he means 'you’re'?

In the press materials he bangs on about the whole album being about the same girl, so ‘Gotta Boyfriend? I think we should all take a moment to pause and contemplate that. So I was going to say it sounds quite a lot like Mika, but that bit of sub-adolescent angst poetry gives me pause. Surely someone involved in the production of this album noticed at some point, so does that mean it’s intentional? Another thought it provoked was: why is that man desecrating ‘Golden Brown’?

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