Who has been dating miranda cosgrove

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Or at least that’s what she calls herself on all social media platforms.Lil Tay’s age is nine, and she is heavily influenced by the hip-hop lifestyle.See the little girl’s plea to keep talking trash right here: Apart from insulting every single person who could ever watch her videos, she also behaves as though she is a millionaire!Lil Tay says she’s from Atlanta and that she was broke and poor when she was a six-year-old.But then she woke up one day and decided to change her fate and “started working hard moving bricks” to achieve her riches (which seems unlikely).When she said she moved bricks to become rich, did she mean selling drugs or moving a brick in the literal sense; we are unsure—because again, she is nine!If you watched the video of the fight between Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie) and Woah Vicky, you might have also seen a child in the midst of the fight!

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Miranda, of Irish, English, and French ancestry, is an only child, born to Tom and his wife Chris.She and Woah Vicky are good friends, but that’s not at all what she is known for.Talk about being a potty mouth—and she’s not even a decade old!Still, Lil Tay, whose parents are nowhere to be seen, comes out on social media, curses her “haters” and shows off her home, clothes, watches, and jewelry.Lil Tay (whose real name could be Taylor), fans out cash and says she is trying to make her “mama proud.”She almost cried in a video message, after her account was reported and taken down.

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