What are the pros and cons of consolidating police agencies

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However, in practice, police agencies conduct many operations that can be defined as crackdowns, but which are not as well-planned, coordinated, and focused.Researchers are less interested in studying these initiatives precisely because they don't believe they will be able to systematically learn from them.is widely used in reference to policing and law enforcement, although it is often used rather loosely.Journalists, for example, commonly refer to almost any new police initiative as a crackdown.

Others cover an entire jurisdictiona city, a county, even a state.Responses not directly addressed in this guide include Crackdowns, generally defined, take many different forms.They range from highly planned, well-coordinated, intensely focused operations in which officers know the operational objectives and perform their duties precisely, to loosely planned initiatives in which officers are given only vague guidance about objectives and tasks, sometimes being told little more than to get out there and make your presence felt.When a crackdown emphasizes police visibility only, additional enforcement and sanctions may or may not result; the enhanced visibility alone is intended to produce the deterrent effect.The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment is a well-known example of a crackdown that emphasized police visibility only..

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