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Researchers found that heavier cannabis use was not associated with greater decreases in IQ.There must be something else that led to the decline of 4 IQ points in both groups.Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator, announced her campaign last month.She has never brought any cannabis legislation to the table, although she has signed other bills brought forth by her colleagues.

The Marijuana Justice Act is co-sponsored by other Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The one thing is: Do IQ scores accurately reflect the intelligence of a human being?

There are many scientists that don’t believe in this concept and refer to this common assumption as “the IQ myth”.

Though he never introduced any marijuana-related bills himself, he was a clear supporter of reform, voting consistently in favor of legislation aimed at reducing the intensity of federal marijuana laws.

Current California senator Kamala Harris announced her presidential campaign at the end of January.

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