Vs paid dating sites

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You can repeatedly look at someones profile during conversation to find conversation starters without looking like a creep.

You don’t have to worry about men saying things like “Oh you looked at my profile and didn’t respond, guess you’re not interested” (yes men actually say this).

On top of all this, OKCupid makes a real effort to give their A-List members an extra level of customer service.

When I’ve emailed them about an issue, or to report someone, I get a notification saying since I’m A-List I’m at the “top of their queue.” When they email me back, there is an automatic identifier in the email saying ALIST.

I find myself only looking at the profiles of people who already liked me.

It’s nice to get some guaranteed matches but I guess I overall am lowering my chances by swiping less.

THAT IS THE HARDEST SENTENCE TO WRITE BECAUSE I DESPISE POF WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.I wrote a complaint for the Better Business Bureau during this situation and EVEN THE BBB SAID POF NEVER RESPONDS TO COMPLAINTS AND IT IS USELESS.I understand why people are on POF, because they do (somehow, despite sucking) have a lot of users.There are a few things I wish would change (I wish they’d do a 48 hour time limit instead of 24, for example) but on the whole it’s the app I like best.That being said, when you are already great as a free service, it’s hard to offer a lot of value as a paid service.

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