Video sex on wechat

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So your We Chat friends can quickly understand the video content according to the video thumb and title, and they can tap on either of them to quickly open and display your posted video in We Chat Moments on their mobile phones.

Now you know how to how to share video on We Chat Moments.

The service woman, once at location, calls you and pretends they were the one on the chat app and follows through with the service/scam.

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I get down and a girl walks up to me (not the same girl in the pics, still decent though) we head up to my room and she's just a real bitch.

Once the 号 agrees, the operator sends your name, meeting location, phone number to the person who is to provide the service/perform the scam.

Launch We Chat app on your smartphone, go to Discover Moments, then long press the Camera icon to reveal the Text box, Here you can copy and paste the URL to your videos in this box, then tap on the Send button to publish the video link in We Chat Moments.

The published link to the video looks like the second link as shown in below screenshot.

Many We Chat users however find they can’t upload videos to We Chat Moments from i Phone, Samsung, Android other other phones for sharing with your friends, family or in the public moments.

You can only take Sight videos and upload these short video clips to We Chat moments, but not those existing videos in your Camera Roll on i Phone, or current videos in your Gallery on an Android phone.

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