Vba enableevents screenupdating

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Delete Next My Shape Exit Sub End If For Each My Shape In Active Sheet. If yes, where is the code Screen Updating and Enable Events must be placed (the most fitting place)? Open("C:\sample.pps", _ With Window:=mso False) 'Open a window now to the presentation for editing p Show.New Window ' Unlock the window to start refreshing again Screen Updating = True Exit Sub Err Handle: If Err.

Click in cell A1, opening the drop-down list by clicking the arrow and choose a value, then all is well - the macro fires ONCE displaying the two messages as expected. ) - the only way out of this "loop" is to clear the cell's contents.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) ' ' ' i = Msg Box("Sheet change macro fired", vb OKOnly) Application.

Screen Updating = False i = Msg Box("Sheet updating inhibited", vb OKOnly) Application.

I have a complex worksheet with many data validated cells (lists) which act effectively as a drop-down selection list on a worksheet which has an on Change macro.

In certain circumstances, the data validation coughs, the on Change macro fires (repeatedly) and the VBA code fails with error 50290.

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