Validating the unit correctness of spreadsheet programs interracial dating between white men and black women only

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Some other existing spreadsheet applications do not allow any computations between numbers that are formatted differently and/or have dissimilar units.In such cases, for example, a computation such as “.00 5” results in an error since the 5 does not have the same unit as the 2.One or more cells of a spreadsheet may be formatted to have a pre-defined or custom format such that values of the cells are represented in the selected format.A format type may be associated with a particular type of measurement or quantity and may support one or more acceptable units for representing the quantity.In general, the order of the steps of disclosed processes may be altered within the scope of the invention.Unless stated otherwise, a component such as a processor or a memory described as being configured to perform a task may be implemented as a general component that is temporarily configured to perform the task at a given time or a specific component that is manufactured to perform the task.Although a number can be formatted with a particular format, e.g., date, time, currency, etc., such a formatted number is still internally represented as a number and in many cases not disambiguated from other number formats.As a consequence, it is possible to perform various operations defined for the numbers data type with respect to formatted numbers, which often yield unexpected and/or nonsensical results.

Moreover, when a duration is less than 24 hours long, it is interpreted as a fraction of a single day.

For the purpose of clarity, technical material that is known in the technical fields related to the invention has not been described in detail so that the invention is not unnecessarily obscured.

As used herein, the term “cell” refers to a cell associated with at least standard spreadsheet functionality.

In some embodiments, one or more different number formats may each be defined as a distinct data type.

Each data type may be associated with its own semantics so that nonsensical results can be prevented from occurring, e.g., in computations in a spreadsheet application.

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