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Rest of the code is similar to customer controller implementation. Employee; @Controller public class Employee Controller is another way to add our bean object to the Model.Your websites and applications contain user input fields that can open the door to spam, application abuse, and brute force attackers, risking your business continuity, PCI compliance, and causing a strain on your infrastructure.These attacks can be in the form of: When abuse occurs, this Cloudlet provides the ability to limit the number of valid and invalid form submissions per “user” by denying (403) or redirecting (302) visitors to an alternate content.Many other training modules are available for download (for limited use) from our download centre under an Open Training Notes License. • Further resources are available via the resources centre.• All of these resources can be searched through through our search engine • And there's a global index here.

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I have cleaned it up a bit and have only one spring bean configuration file. bean to read the localized data from resource bundles.

Even if you are certain that you put session=false everywhere, you might miss a spot, or more likely, the next developer after you will not understand you did it this way, and a security disaster is just waiting to happen.

Using session=false is intended for performance boost not security. you have a faq page that doesn't care about sessions, set session=false so people going to that link doesn't create sessions and waste memory.

Hi, I am stuck with validation on same jsp page: Here is the detail: I have a couple of input fields in form, and if users enter wrong name and id the validation error will be shown on the same jsp page.

I know there is no problem if using struts validation function.

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