Validating a model using statistics Free adult interactive cam viewing

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Assessing frailty in the hospital setting is challenging.

Many frailty assessment scores tested have poor reliability, require large amounts of data, or specialised equipment and have poor predictive performance.19 Given these limitations, there is increasing interest in utilising routinely collected administrative data for risk prediction modelling for those at risk of frailty, particularly older persons.

Frailty manifests as a combination of the pathophysiological consequence of inbuilt senescence and the accumulation of defects throughout a life course.

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) is an English national administrative data set, housed within the safe haven of NHS Digital, and contains administrative data from English hospital trusts, which are cleaned and securely stored.Frailty syndromes were coded in 2% to 24% of patient spells.Falls and fractures was the most common syndrome coded (24%).This data set was used to validate the Dr Foster Global Frailty Score.We included the 138 English acute non-specialist hospital trusts, excluding hyperspecialist hospitals (eg, single pathology quaternary referral units) and mental health units, which have different case-mix.

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