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In the case of more widespread slang, the in-group becomes most Korean natives engaged in conversation.

A grammar book, written and completed years before, cannot possibly take these things into account.

And because life is composed of yin and yang, there’s another Korean slang word that refers to employees’ tendency towards office escapism.

It’s 월요병 , or “Monday sickness.” It’s the feeling you get when you’re faced with another week at the office. Ever met a woman who’s got everything: looks, brains, money? Korean mothers love to compare their own daughters with those of their friends.

So when a dad tries to be cool by dressing in an oversized jersey and going, “‘Sup, my homies,” it’s his teenager’s turn to start scratching his head. Koreans have slang to differentiate standard Korean, often found in written forms, from the Korean that’s used in daily conversations.

So you have to learn Korean slang because—just as slang in English often eventually extends beyond a particular age group or subculture and goes mainstream—it’s actually how an average Korean talks.

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