Updating records in access

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I have a fairly complex database with a main input menu.I update a field in the main input menu that is supposed to be linked to a table, it’s a company name.Here's the background: This problem deals with three forms: My Problem - When I click okay on the Project Msg Box form, I would like it to also look up milestones from tbl Milestones_Inf and insert into tbl Milestones.I also need to assign the Project_ID that on the form to the creates. I've tried a few things in VBA but haven't had success.So, the design of your form is an important aspect.You can do a lot more things with designing of the form in MS Access.An Access database consists of one or more tables that contain related information.

UPDATE: Once I hit okay on the frm Proj Msg Box it fills out text boxes that have controls on frm Project to create the parent record (i think that's the term) in tbl Project. I would like access to go out to the tbl Milestones_Inf and match the project type (child record? It would then add 4-5 records based on matching Project Type on the Milestone_Inf table.When I change the company name, it does not change in the table.I’m not sure why it isn’t updating, can anyone help me?This is my first shot at VBA, and after an hour of searching I cannot find anything to solve my problem. Working in Microsoft Access 2007 Further Info All tables are normalized Vehicle Table: Contains vehicle_id(pk), as well as rego and model etc Job Table: Contains job_id(pk), vehicle_id(fk) and other info about what needs to happen, as well as the next occurance date, days between each occurance of the job (all jobs repeat) and other info Job History Table: Contains job_history_id(pk), job_id(fk), date completed and comments When the job completed button is pressed, it should create a new entry in the job history table with the current date, any comments and the job id This is the script I am trying to get working Private Sub Command29_Click() Dim str SQL1 As String Dim str SQL2 As String Set Rs = Current Rs Set db = Current Db str SQL1 = "INSERT INTO completed_jobs(JOB_ID, DATE_COMPLETED, COMMENTS) VALUES " & Rs! @Matt I am 90% sure I am using a bound form (Like I said, new to Access, been looking at everything people have suggested and learning as I go).There is of course an ID for the job (Just not shown, no need to be visible), but how would I access this to perform an operation on it?

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