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Not only this guide describes how to get the basic custom functionality, which was already described in great detail, but also talks about how to install the 1.50 kernel patch and the Custom Firmware Extender 1.6.If you come across any problems with this tutorial, I suggest you visit the ur PSP forums and post your query there.When it gets to the end, you might get a blue screen with in a couple languages saying a warning, if you do, it means you have a custom theme installed.Shutdown your PSP manually after that screen disappears and then turn it back on. When done, you now have 5.00 M33-6 installed on your PSP!! Now if you have a Phat PSP ( PSP-1000 ) make sure you have loaded the 1.50 Official Firmware above and the kernel Addon.now while still in the VSH Menu, go to 'USB DEVICE' and press left or right on the PSP until you get to 'UMD Disc' now press select to exit the VSH Menu, and go to settings and then USB Connection plug your PSP into your computer and the folder that usually comes up is your mem stick, if it does, press o on your psp tehn enter usb connection again.

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Go to your 'Game' menu on the PSP, go to memory stick, and run the 'PSP Update ver 5.00' Don't worry, it might look like its updating to the official firmware, but its not. Now people with a phat PSP can play homebrew on their PSP!!Hope this helped someone, if you have any problems, just comment here or send a PM =D ill put some images up of the installation of both 5.00 M33-6 and the 1.50 installer, when i have time =Dnice work man seems the psp documentation is being greatly upgreaded since the lot of new guides posted recently. )NOTE: You need a PSP that already has a M33 custom firmware or 1.50 Official Firmware, Other custom firmwares might work with this guide also, but im not sure... (This forum is for pre-built handhelds, NOT custom made portables!

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