Updating jailbroken iphone 3g

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Make sure to select 1 location for weather in the built in i Phone weather app.

The Multitasking bar does not let you see which apps are in memory and which apps are just the last ones you used, so SBSettings is much better.Cydia's "3DBoard" allows the ICONS to move as you move the i Phone to show 3Dimensional depth. Allows you to connect to all computers on your network and file share. To add a android based (ARMv7) port of Flash to your iphone: 1) add repo: at to cydia 2) install Frash OR 1) Download a deb file Frash-0.02(see ) 2) ftp this deb file into the cydia folder (see autoinstall deb files above) and reboot 3) Add the repo: at to cydia 4) Install Frash from cydia Many web sites detect you are running a smartphone and redirect you to a simpler website. Use Vo IPover3G (via Cydia) to alllow use over the 3G cell network: /Library/Mobile Substrate/Dynamics Libraries/Vo IPover3G.plist (NOTE: If you delete this file, all APPS will always think they are on Wi-Fi) To find other programs bundle identifier: Use i File from your i Phone or SSH into your i Phone User/Applications/ or var/stash/find appname cd into the long folder name cd in open Info.plist find add to Vo IPover3Gplist file. And as typical, apple changes the name (just like your music files). You must replace your file over the top of the original file. Adding folders into this folder requires you to delete the cache file "com.apple.mobile.installation.plist".To defeat this redirect download: User Agent Faker via cydia (UAFaker) and the SBSettings toggle. You may need to reinstall the APP in question REBOOT your i PHone List of some Vo IPover3G bundles: com.orbnetworks. Sling Player com.vnetcorp.sipphone com.skype.skype com. Navigate to: /var/mobile/Library/Caches or use Cydia to load SBSettings and Re-Spring to do the same thing. Select SSH2, auto-detect with user: root, pass: alpine. Tunes 9 and i Phone 3.1.2 allows you to arrange all your i Phone apps using i Tunes itself.On a Windows PC with "Media Center" WMC, goto download AIRPLAY client for Media Center. You will not see an Icon or Tile in WMC, but it will appear in the Extras "settings".You must install Bonjour PSSetup.exe, but uninstall the Bonjour that installed from i Tunes first (otherwise WMC will not show up on your i Phone).

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