Updating gemini via blue panel

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» Sonstige Images DM7020HD / DM7020HDv2 » Nemesis 2.4 SVN 101r1 101r1 online TIMELINE in //lesen Aus meinen seit geht eine große Thx an Gianathem und eine Familiäres, ruhiges besinnliches Weihnacht Feste!!LG blu8 __________________-- Wir sind die Geschichte -- @"goblin" wenn schon, soll wenigstens "versuchen das auch "leserlich" ist -- Gut 30% ist so "hell-farbig das kaum ein Mensch lesen kann :-) verwirrt :-( bitte um edit Trad: Pregasi gentilmente cambiare il colore dei caratteri, oltre all'altezza delle fonti, in quanto non leggibili !!Gemi and Mini are generally shown to be very joyful Spirits.While waiting for orders, they dance and make various poses.During the celebration, Carla and Happy run into a mob of Nikora.

As they are about to deliver the finishing blow, Gemini recalls Lucy's memories and cannot bring themselves to attack her after seeing Lucy's love for her Celestial Spirits.However, they had a change of heart when they heard Lucy's thoughts of compassion towards her spirits, as well as her principle of treating her spirits as equals.When Lucy was unable to use her Magic during the battle with Angel, they came to her and were willing to help, even though they betrayed their master.Lucy forces Sagittarius's gate to close, only for Gemini to re-summon Sagittarius.When Lucy tries to force him back again, she is unable to do it since Gemini summoned him and only they can force close the gate. Gemini is later summoned wielding Caelum, and then seduces and defeats Taurus.

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