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When it authenticates, the carrier determines if you are allowed to use that tower at all or not.

Authentication does occur over the air, and is based on the ICCID number stored on the SIM card. Cellular networks use what in predecessor radio systems was referred to as carrier voter receiving.

Not so much the processor, but the radio: receiver sensitivity and transmitter power in a mobile handset are critical determinants of performance given identical proximity to a tower and similar factors which would interfere with or reduce a signal.

Actually, you can probably determine a rough idea of how effective these units are comparatively by locating published specifications for the finished units, possibly in filings maintained by the Federal Communications Commission—who must approve mobile handsets and smartphones for use in the US—and from trade publications.

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All of these technologies can provide substantially better fixed coverage, but mobile coverage is a different matter.The PRL informs the phone about changes in roaming agreements, so it knows which towers to pick up service from while roaming.Sign up for automatic top-up service as another alternative for adding more funds. I am assuming it would update to any new towers put in place, and roaming towers that were new.All I know is that after updating, I could usually get some, or better service in places I couldnt before.

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