Updating blackjack 2 speed dating london 15th december

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The software team will meet several times along the way to try and cut the scope down to something manageable.

Imagine testing each new feature in each use case with each camera!

Over time we build confidence that the features are good and then we start to work on the marketing that will help educate the users. When you zoom in the pan/tilt rates automatically slow down to help you with accurate framing.

The team at Freefly is super excited to see people using these new features to create shots that were once impossible.

Be sure to tune into our facebook live where we will be teaching you how to use these new features for the next 6 weeks!

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The first big one was ‘Akira’, the second one, ‘Blackjack’ is launching soon!It’s a fine line to come up with a scope that satisfies both these requirements AND is something we can get done on time.Fast forward through 10 meetings and 100 healthy arguments and we have scope lock.Some might come from our internal film team “Flight Squad” using the products and making feature requests.Some come from clever engineers dreaming up something awesome and just dropping it in your lap to test.

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