Twisted love dating violence exposed

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What is growing more concerning is the evidence that our society is being desensitized to violence.

Whether it is the video/computer games being played, the films being viewed, or living in gang war territory or any other forms of exposure, they all contribute to this effect.

“It’s hard to tell other people about our family matters…they can’t help us and may just talk about us during meals.” Such remarks are made by many of our clients suffering from domestic violence.

Resources National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE Love Is Walker, Lenore E.

The recent media attention to the abuse of women by their high status partners is bringing much needed attention to an all too prevalent form of encounter between intimate partners.

While movies theaters have been presenting a wide variety of treatments of this issue (from marital rape in ) for over three quarters of a century, violence and abuse between partners show little change in dynamics or consequence.

Further, there seems to be a cultural promotion of expressing violence or taking out your bad day on innocent others as “a normal reaction” to a bad day.

Violence is not an acceptable manner of coping when things don’t go your way. However, in too many relationships, the onset of the abusive incident becomes something is expected and accepted.

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