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With the JPX919, Mizuno is bringing elements of dynamism and simplicity to the design. The irons are clean…cleaner still than JPX900, and there’s nothing that’s overly ornate or out of place.

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For the JPX900, Mizuno took a more refined approach, raising the sophistication level to nearly that of MP, and it wasn’t a stretch to think that some golfers, even some traditional Mizuno golfers, might prefer the JPX aesthetic.

It can’t be easy for any brand to replace its most successful game-improvement iron ever, or a tour iron that won 3-majors in a 14-month span (including back to back US Opens), or even a middle of the market forged iron that’s the most versatile iron in its catalog.

Trying to replace all three in a single release cycle is another thing entirely. One could easily build a case for letting the entire JPX900 lineup ride for another season, maybe two, but the golf equipment world brings with it certain business realities, and that means even a company like Mizuno needs to make new clubs – even when the There’s a video floating around the interwebs that features Mizuno R&D Engineer turned Brand Manager for Golf, Chris Voshall, stepping the viewer through the clubs in his bag.

As is often the case, the answer boils down to mass distribution. How can we take it away from where it isn’t needed and relocate it in a way that will improve performance?

As we answer those questions, we’ll also touch on a couple of things you don’t see very often.

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