The dating game questions to ask your spouse

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You can simply learn from each other as the relationship progresses. As time goes on, you’ll discover your partner’s good parts, as well as the bad. You’ll notice the little things that make them happy, and the big things that make them sad. #19 What was the moment that made me decide I could trust you? The Newlywed Game helps in gaining the insight about your partner.It’s a perfect way to know about each other and at the same time, it also helps you understand, how well you know your partner. Name three of the happiest moments in your life.16.

You can even set a time for you and your partner to go on a date night, specifically designated for asking these questions. Don’t be disappointed if your partner doesn’t know the answer, because the point of these questions is for you to learn more about one another.

Would you rather have many friends or just one best friend? If you could spend a day talking to one person, it would be...39.

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Isn’t that the best part about being with someone you love?

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