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Still, when a man named Jack asked me my weight within five minutes of matching with me, it was an immediate turn-off. I suspect I would have eaten far too much for his liking.

Thailand is filled with those living temporary lifestyles — they’re either traveling through or planning to work here for just a short while.

As a foreign, single, heterosexual woman, the odds are not in my favor in the Land of Smiles.

The foreign men who flock here are generally more interested in Thai women, who they assume will be more submissive, compliant partners. I’ve matched with lots of Thai men who’ve shown keen interest in me. Many tend to be reluctant to approach me when there are no screens between us, I imagine due to a combination of the language barrier and cultural differences.

They try to stay fit, eat right, and look good for their mates.

The girls of Thailand respect their spouse and also his side of family.

Since then, I’ve had a few giks and faens of my own.

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Before long, we were utterly infatuated with each other. Eventually, it transpired that the ex-wife he’d mentioned wasn’t an ex at all, and it seemed as though I’d inadvertently become a gik.

Instead, I make a point to seek out dates with those who are as settled in the country as I am.

This has lead to a few relationships with local men., a Thai-American guy with whom I enjoyed a casual relationship for a few months.

I don’t write these people off, but as someone who has put down roots here, I’m more interested in where they’re going than where they’ve been.

and elephants, but that’s an immediate Nope from me.

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