Tennis dating service

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Momo and Ryoma would get together once a weekend to go out for dinner and remain in contact since they didn't have much other time for each other, considering their busy schedules.

Ryoma was a tennis coach at the close school of Tokyo High while Momo owned his own movie rental store that he worked at with two other employees.

He doesn't want to admit it but he is quite lonely.

So, instead of making it obvious he is looking for someone, he decides to get help from an Online Dating Service and meets one of the most unique, but soon to be important, person in his life; Fuji Syuusuke.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Ryoma and Momo continued to walk towards Ryoma's apartment a few blocks away so Momo could pick up his car and Ryoma head home.

As they walked, Ryoma listened to all the stories that Momo had to tell about his kids, though he wasn't really listening since they were the same ones over and over from the past weeks, though there were a few changes here and there.

You are seriously a strange guy." Ryoma stated bluntly as he threw his wrapper onto his tray and picked the plastic up.

You always say this stuff but then you're straight.

Pragniemy, aby wszyscy nasi użytkownicy korzystający ze strony mieli jedynie pozytywne doświadczenia.

Ryoma is a twenty-five year old male in search of a boyfriend.

Otwarta komunikacja jest najlepszym spoiwem udanego związku.

Daj znam znać, a postaramy się na nie odpowiedzieć w jak najkrótszym czasie.

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