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In their report, the paparazzi said they saw Tiffany meet up with a mysterious man one night; although they couldn’t identify who the man was at the time, it can now be confirmed that the man was indeed Luo Jin.

Tiffany and Luo Jin spent two nights together during the paparazzi’s observation.

Leading up to their wedding date on October 28, it was difficult to keep everything hush.

After all, planning a destination wedding in Austria was not an easy feat and involved flying out their staff in advance.

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The photos that go with this interview were posted here previously.

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Tiffany and Luo were already dating by the time they came together for their fourth drama Princess Weiyoung three years ago, but broke up shortly afterwards. In a recent report released by Chinese tabloid source Quanmingxingtan, dark blurry photos of Tiffany with an unidentified man—now known to be Luo Jin—were taken on the set of Princess Weiyoung earlier this year.

2017 · Tiffany Tang's Dating History Who is Tiffany Tang Dating? But theres such a large and diverse group of potential matches, and Steel Study Guide.

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The wedding location was revealed to be Schloss Belvedere, a museum housed in the Belvedere palace in Vienna, Austria.

Though rumored to have a rift with Tiffany, Yang Mi (楊冪) congratulated the newlyweds on Weibo, “Happy new marriage! ” Due to post-production work on her new drama, Yang Mi couldn’t attend Tiffany’s wedding in Austria. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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