Stories on dating violence

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He was possessive and jealous and would make fun of anyone who was my friend.He made me feel guilty if I even talked to someone at school, even when he wasn't around, which wasn't very often.I didn't know what to do and I tried to avoid him, but it seemed like he was always there waiting for me or watching me.He sent me text messages all day and all night long.A couple of my friends encouraged me to sign-up for this Internet dating service.I started talking to Brian and we became chat buddies.He really liked cars and had a place set up in his Dad's garage where he worked on a broken down car that his Uncle had given him.Most afternoons after school, I would get into trouble with my Mom because Benny made me stay with him while he worked on his car.

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After a few months, he didn't want me to do anything with my friends.

He never had many friends who were guys and he wasn't into sports.

At first, he was really nice to me and always invited me over to his house after school.

I threw away my cell phone and didn't get another one until after I had changed schools. I don't ever want to have to worry about leaving class and having someone waiting for me.

I am 17 now and will graduate from high school this year.

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