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4) Use Item (Choose 2.) 1) Thank her for a great evening.

2) Thank you for the pleasure of your company this evening.

======= SPRUNG ======= FAQ/Walkthrough Version 0.20 Author: Wanglicious (also known as Dark Zero104) Date started: December 10, 2004 Last Updated: December 14, 2004 Table of Contents: 1) What's New/Version History 2) Copyright Disclaimer 3) Contact Information 4) Introduction 5) Controls 6) Glitches and Other Problems 7) Walkthrough 8) Extras 8a) Museum (Items) 8b) Art Gallery 8c) Music 8d) Credits 9) Credits for FAQ/Walkthrough ----------------------------------------- What's New/Version History ----------------------------------------- Tuesday December 14, 2004: Just continuing a bit more on the walkthrough with Brett's story.

Nothing major aside from going up to "Playing Doubles".

================= BRETT'S STORY ================= Lift Off! ----------- Description: You've arrived at Snow Bird Mountain with your best friend, Becky.

5) Use Item (Choose 3) 1) You have the most beautiful eyes.

Objective: Get the VIP pass from Conor, the Lodge rich boy who runs the hip club, Sanctuary. 4) Sorry, I get a little jittery before I've had my coffee. (Choose 4.) 1) You obviously don't know much about snowboarding, do you? 2) I recommend the Double Black Diamond Ultra Custom Z-X5. 2) The board never matters, its the person on the board that makes a difference.

4) Use Item (Choose 3.) 1) A blind date for breakfast? (Choose 2.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ski Brat ------------ Description: You just opened the Snow Bird mountain Ski Shop for the day. 3) Use Item (Choose 2.) 1) Aye, aye, Cap'n Observation. (Choice 2.) 1) [Take the money] 2) [Ignore the money] 3) [Throw the money in his face] (Choose 2.) 1) What do you want? 3) Unless you're the owner's son, I'm going to have to ask you to leave, please. 4) Use Item (Choose 2.) 1) I recommend the Mystic Powder. 5) Use Item (Choose 3.)**Golden Line** 1) Not really, no.

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Friday December 10, 2004: The creation of the FAQ itself!

The first I found in the Music section of the Extras, sometimes if you go too fast down the list for the music the game freezes. 2) In a scene where you have to talk to an old woman, do NOT pick the Raw Fish item ever. First time I played the game I went through the entire story, and a LOT of restarting scenes. Note: I won't include the dialogue that the two people say in this section.

Later on I'll have a part of the FAQ devoted to it, for now, it won't have anything except for the choices.

That said, if you want to email me any questions or comments, feel free to, just be sure to have Sprung in the subject so I know what you're talking about.

Also, if you choose to contact me over AIM be sure to tell me in the first 3 IMs that it's in regards to my Sprung FAQ. ------------- Introduction ----------------- Sprung is a game for the DS and is one of the only dating sims you'll find in the US.

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