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By 9.05am it was all over and the crowds dispersed.Armley Jail never saw another public execution although more than 90 executions took place in private within the jail walls.It also includes lyrics to a song or poem written partly from the point of view of Myers.The day of the execution saw people visit from all parts of Yorkshire and the Leeds Mercury newspaper estimated crowds of 80,000 -100,000 people attended the spectacle.

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Both were from other parts of Yorkshire but were tried at the Leeds Assize Court and found guilty of murder.

Viewing it provides a delightful snapshot & insight into the world of amateur running just prior to the First World War.

Will (Information and Research) A Kammavaca is a decorative Theravada Buddhist manuscript from Burma (now Myanmar).

The manuscripts can be made from various materials, usually palm leaf but also stiffened cloth, or ivory sheets in the shape of palm leaf.

The leaves and the boards are painted with a thick layer of lacquer, and gilded gold leaf and red lacquer are used for decoration.

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