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I think design should grow from the organic and that means sometimes getting your hands dirty, being part of something, talking to people, living life in the raw, getting sore feet from walking and in the case of Melbourne enjoying the culture and nightlife that the city has to offer.It is a friendly place; the late nights and quiet streets felt safe, the people were polite.I walked in to a pub to ease my feet and found on the second floor an informal store selling vinyl (LPs) and that for me is it, the sheer scope of opportunity that is available on a random basis as an experience which is positive and place affirming, that is the mark of a city.Speed dating events for Refugees and Migrants are organised by Refugee Talent.Sadly I saw a lot of Christchurch that was, and yeah it was a sobering moment.For a Landscape Architect the Southbank and Docklands are key areas of interest and that is not to say by default that they are any good, but rather that is where the work is and by the look of it has been over the last ten to fifteen years.But anyway, and I find it personally comforting, that the multitude and diversity of street life, old establishment, Victorian terrace housing of the formally well to do and even limited 1960’s modernistic housing projects all contribute to the economic and social well being of the city, and by extension its ability to operate globally as a bona fide creative livable city.

Fortunately the graffiti, and I hesitate to use the word as in Melbourne the attitude seems to be one of street art, more than made for any internal inaccessibility with classics like ‘what is art” and ‘Camille likes …”, scratched into the cor-ten.Nevertheless feeling disheveled and overly caffeinated I took the adjacent side street.Similarly the 4 metre wide decomposed granite path through the Queen Victoria gardens was extensively utilized by runners with some serious heavy breathing being evident and I was mindful of the need for urban recreational infrastructure in our cites.Each candidate is given five minute blocks of time to woo and hopefully impress potential employers from a range of companies including Government departments, Corporates and Startups.This is a free event but places are limited, registrations required prior to the event.

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