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Startups can also upload their pitch decks so investors and business representatives have more data for analysis. Speed Dating tool is available here after logging into your Infoshare account.Checkbox I want to take part in Speed Dating in your profile should be checked.When you find the right person you can invite her/him by clicking Invite button.After sending an invitation you need to wait until invited person will Accept or Decline your invitation. Person who is invited, will choose the timeslot according to Your availability.To finish the rescheduling process always click CONFIRM after choosing suitable timeslot.At this step you can add a short message explaining the change. Scroll to "Speed Dating" where you can find checkbox related to text massages tool.

The place where instant connections are made and sparks ignited since 2011!who have cancelled meeting with you/you have cancelled meeting with (cancelled invitations) by going to Invitations tab and clicking View/Send message button To set up a meeting, first you need to find a person you want to meet with.Go to SEARCH tab and input word or phrase (name, surname, company name, etc). Use an online tool, choose the best fit and send the invitation before coming to Gdansk to be sure meetings are confirmed & scheduled.Speed Dating will be organized in a dedicated area both conference days. The tool allows you to plan your meeting schedule before, so you can make your time in Gdansk really efficient.

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