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Whatever your French language proficiency is, you are welcome to join us.Instead of paying $ 3 per meetup as many groups meetup demand,we ask new members to pay a .00 fee to become a member of the group for a period of 5 years.To become a member, please pay the $ 5.00 fee and make a request to become a member (vice versa). cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WA36PLRH3C6YNThanks Pierre Gilbert Organizer Hi everyone, It's not easy to speak French in Toronto, so let's meet the second Tuesday of each month to speak French and share each other's culture.

If you need some French lessons: join a group at the Drop-in French Conversation Lessons Rencontre amicale et réseautage en français à Mississauga - French Meetup Mississauga Vous habitez à Mississauga ou les environs? Venez rencontrer les francophones et francophiles de cette région le dernier mercredi de chaque mois dans une atmosphère chaleureuse et conviviale. This event is organized in collaboration with: Torontobabel: Babel/ Looking forward to seeing all of you.

It will give you the opportunity to speak French at events taking place in Toronto and Mississauga.

You will meet friendly and interesting people from different background.

Bonjour à tous Le French Meetup de Toronto vous donnera l’opportunité socialiser, de faire de nouvelles rencontres et de faire du réseautage en français.

Vous aurez la chance de parler en français dans des événements organisés à Toronto et à Mississauga.

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