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It’s there, during one episode, that his friends notice a new face in the crowd.

“He’s a spy,” comments one of them casually, referring to Homeland Security’s post-9/11 policy of placing informants in American masjids.

How do you show someone yourself in the most human way possible?

You show them you’re struggling to be good.” The fictional Ramy tries to be upright and virtuous when he fasts for the Muslim holy month.

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“I know people want to hear that this is an East versus West culture clash, but the reality is, we’re all clashing with each other in our own homes all the time.Says Bedard, “Almost every episode was born out of some joke we just pushed deeper. Clearly, he’s come a long way since his first big break — a Taco Bell commercial and an ensuing gig as a regular on Nick at Nite’s Scott Baio comedy “See Dad Run.”“I moved from New York to L. After a few references to the importance of pious Muslim behavior, he compares a woman who loses her virginity before marriage to a bottle of Coke: It’s fresh when you open it; then, no one wants it the next day.On the show, Ramy appears to attend mosque more than his parents, praying with a hole in one sock.It breaks ground like “Fresh off the Boat,” but with the raw, subculture-specific spirit of “Insecure” or “Master of None.” When the fictional Ramy tells his friend Mo (Mohammed Amer) he’s trying to abstain from sex during the holy month of Ramadan, Mo calls him out on it: “Dude, you’re really gonna be one of those Ramadan Muslims?You can’t be jerking off all year, then, all a sudden, turn into Malcolm X.”During a recent interview in Los Angeles, Youssef says, “There’s this idea that when you say you’re Muslim, that you’re either all in or you’re trying to escape it. Then, you can become a lawyer for actors.’ Like this show was a networking experience for what would eventually be my future job.”The fictional Ramy lives at home with parents, Maysa (Hiam Abbass) and Farouk (Amr Waked), and sister Dena (May Calamawy).

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