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Then there is the hard reality that not many people have actually read the report, let alone read it critically.That includes, I wager, even many of those publicly registering their outrage or privately nursing their spiritual distress.I realize that for many people, especially many angry and dismayed Catholics, such an inquiry flies in the face of almost overpowering headwinds.To question let alone challenge the report is unthinkable.

In this case it is a script about bishops, bishops who were fully aware of the dangers that predatory priests posed to children and adolescents but who nonetheless “shuttled” or “shuffled” them from parish to parish to shield the reputation of the church and the clergy.That charge is, as far as can be determined, dreadfully true.Appalling as is this first charge, it is in fact the second one that has had the greatest reverberations.You have time only to read a tiny fraction of such a massive document.You cannot get knowledgeable, independent comment when no one else has read the document either.

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