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When it comes to euthanasia, it’s ALL about the owner and the pet. They are able to focus on saying goodbye rather than wincing and being upset when their pet objects to handling.

Not one of these objections has anything to do with the owner or the pet!

Without sedation, stressful situations can lead to restlessness, and when a dog is restless it is more prone to hurt itself, not eat, hide, or hurt or bite other people and animals. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice.

­Sedatives work by putting the brain to sleep [source: Brown].

This type of medication, which includes anesthetics, is used to calm an animal or make it sleep for short periods of time (or sometimes permanently).

Sedatives are used for everything from nail trimming to travel, but you should take caution when choosing one for your pet.

Euthanasia can be less stressful for everyone if we take the time to be mindful of what constitutes a peaceful passing.We think a smooth euthanasia looks like a smooth surgical induction, don’t we? No one should have to see someone they love go from conscious to unconscious that fast. Now imagine that it wasn’t unconsciousness – imagine it was death. I know, because they call me for help after they have had “a bad experience”. They won’t go back to their last veterinarian because it wasn’t used.Sedation has the secondary effect of calming the owner. The pet is asleep and the owner has a little bit of their burden removed.This could have serious consequences: If your pet gets stuck in a hot cargo hold - or even under your seat -- without water, its health could be in jeopardy.Should your pet wake up confused and alone once the sedative wears off, the resulting panic and grogginess could be just as bad as the stress you'd hoped to avoid.

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