Scrabble stats not updating

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If you won the previous game, or if the computer got to start the previous game, then you have the privilege to start the next game (no draw).

You can of course refuse this by simply passing on your first turn!

No pop-ups should ever appear if you don't touch the banners, and you should not be taken to the app store.

Old wins losses shows 399/203/1 New wins losses shows 284/125/0 Longest and best scoring words are also different.

However, you can delete the app from your device, reinstall and login with your Facebook account. Stats are different from those I know to be true, including wins, losses, highest word score, and highest game score, all of which were correctly recorded in the old Words With Friends.

And eventually we will add the ability to link two accounts so you can combine your old Games With Friends account with your Facebook one. Additionally, I miss the "All-Time" mode for viewing total points and points per word.

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I looked a bit and haven't seen this same issue anywhere.

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