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I am trying the post an invoice to SAP using the F-47 transaction and using SHDB to record the transaction and learn how it works.

I see there that sometimes BU and ZK BDC OK codes are used.

Find out line item company code currency key and compare if the line item currency key and header currency key given is same or different.

If these are different then we need to populate ‘EXCHANGE_RATE’ field of currency table if it is given in the file.

This document explains the various steps involved to post a FI document using BAPI ‘BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST’ from an excel file.

This is helpful to SAP Technical consultants as it gives the details of all the required parameters and data in document posting and validation to check if the GL account in which we are posting amounts is present in SAP database.

While providing header data in W_HEADER work area do not provide OBJ_KEY, OBJ_TYPE and OBJ_SYS, these are automatically populated by BAPI.Sorry but I cannot recall to which function ZK maps to.Obviously their difference lies in the fact that they map to different functions. With the help of LSMW you can browse for different input methods and use them later standalone. Transaction code for FI documents are FB01/FB50(Create), FB02(Change) and FB03(Display).In one document, more than 999 line item cannot be posted because BAPI can post up to 999 lines in one document.

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