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A net worth is determined by a combination of one’s assets, which include items of value associated with that individual less the total value of all its outstanding liabilities.

The concept is application to individuals and businesses because it is a key measure of how much an entity is worth.

Reassured, Wells uses his hammer again to steal a second car, drives it by the bank - the other three are "casually" approaching - then stops his car in front of the bank, motor running.

It is PM Friday, PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it.

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Hawks parks far from the rendezvous, leaves the micro-recorder in the car - and unknowingly leaves the door unlatched, slowly swinging open. Friday, PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. PM - Claude Wells rises from a bedroom tryst with LAUREN ASTOR, a woman who is both terrorized and aroused by his silent physicality.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk are just some of the names of consistent list toppers.

There is no wonder since these individuals continue to gain more and more through the years.

Calmly destroying a breadbox, Wells prepares a meal in her kitchen, then leaves - carrying a gym bag full of guns.

Using a hammer, he smashes open a car window and steals the vehicle.

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