Reviewing and updating job descriptions

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For example, companies that operate in a flexible working environment, one in which employee roles are fluid and expectations change, may find the quest to define various job parameters to be daunting.

The essence of the problem is how to reconcile clear directives with flexible work systems.

The level of detail utilized in the creation of job descriptions and the monitoring of employee execution of the duties articulated therein can vary tremendously from organization to organization.

A multinational corporation, for example, may have job descriptions that are far more formal and detailed in their contents than those used by a small local business.

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Job descriptions and specifications usually include, in addition to the basic items listed above, details about: In essence, effective job descriptions let employees know what is expected of them.The key is to avoid linking negative outcomes (such as discipline or denial of a raise) to duties that are not included on the job description or to unduly focus on those duties at the expense of those responsibilities that are specifically mentioned.As most employers are aware, federal law differentiates between employees who are owed overtime pay (non-exempt employees) and those who are not owed overtime pay (exempt employees). It is a structured and factual statement of a job's functions and objectives, and should give the boundaries of the position holder's authority. Special considerations A job description is the official written account of an employment position.

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