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And even if he decided to leave his wife,he might later on realize that he still loves her and eventually leave you in a bad situation that way. I'm in the same situation and have been with this man for a year now.So run away from this man as fast as you can for you own sanity........ He is in the process of a separation/divorce but has 2 little girls.Too often we don't commend men for working to keep families together, and he is doing just that.Rather than looking at him in a harsh light, consider that he is trying his best to take care of his girls and be in their lives.

We deserve better and love should never be THIS hurtful..I'm also a firm believer that good love doesn't come easy either.

But if you choose to look elsewhere for a single man, that is alright to, and let him continue on with his kids and maybe meeting a partner with a similar life situation.

I think without juding that every human being needs company in one point of our life and we look for it but when we look for our happiness we don't see more than that. You should be able to build a family starting for looking a single guy for u star a family without hurting or feeling bad about anything. hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health.

I love this man but being forced to deal with his children frustrates me and watching how he fawns over them angers me because those children are not mine.

Just be prepared to be left behind and cut off without even a second look OR for the toughest relationship in the world.

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