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These include court rolls and books with other papers relating to the administration of Courts Baron and Courts Leet during the medieval and early modern periods.Many archives regularly take in new records to add to their collections – this process is known as accessioning.), our catalogue, to find records from over 2,500 archives across the UK, as well as from The National Archives itself.Your search results will include details of which archives currently hold the records.For court records from 1994 to the present consult our Accessions to Repositories pages.Besides The National Archives, which holds records of the central or ‘high’ courts of law, the following repositories and institutions hold major collections of court records: County record offices are the place to find records of: Search Find an archive by county to find contact details for county record offices.Exactly 100 different communities – 30% of all Massachusetts towns and cities – have been served by the BPL as members of the Digital Services team travel across the state for on-site digitization consultations and material transport.This service is supported with state funds through the Library for the Commonwealth.

The MDR is maintained within The National Archives as an index to the nature and location of surviving manorial records.

For research guides specifically on The National Archives court records please see our Criminals, courts and prisons research guidance category.

This research guide briefly describes: The guide does not cover records of law courts in Scotland or Northern Ireland, whose legal systems are distinct from England and Wales and whose records are found in their respective national and local archives.

The department works to not only increase awareness of and access to collections and materials but also to partner with local communities to help share their stories.

During the past few years, the digital services team has been digitizing materials from other libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies from across the state.

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