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She is so lovely though, she almost always does reply!

My point is, that in my opinion, a Linked In Message can - not always - be intrusive.

I have been invited out to Dinner; invited to Parties; invited out for a drink...list goes on.

When this happens, I disconnect from the male member, shaking my head at their crass behaviour.

Let me take the "Is Linked In a Dating site for some members? I stress that this is not solely aimed at men sending inappropriate messages to female Linked In members; I am well aware that men receive unacceptable messages from women too.

For the purposes of this post though, I can only speak for myself, obviously.

If I feel I need to send her a Message via Linked In, I always write in the title "No need to reply".

For the record, I am very happily married and have two children.

I make no secret of this whatsoever, and often refer to my husband on Linked In.

This leads me nicely back to a crossover with the "Dating site" aspect of Linked In.

A recurring theme that I find is that some male connections, do not interact with me 'publicly' on Linked In, but message me with a reply to a comment I have made on an Update of their's. This is a very common 'Modus Operandi' of a "dodgy" male Linked In connection.

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