Prevent msn updating

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When I try the first send/receive, Outlook downloads all of the emails off of the server even though I already have copies in the inbox.

How do I get it to stop downloading the copies of the email?

If your browser doesn't, there most likely is some add-on that resets it. Or switch to another browser (choose between Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome). Kees How do you go about changing your homepage to GOOGLE? Assuming, Internet options, highlight, backspace, input GOOGLE. IF that doesn't do the trick, there is a fair possibility that you have a redirect bug going on.that were to be the case then it is time to break out some anti malware tricks.Look in Account Settings, More Settings, Advanced tab.) If you have an ongoing issue with duplicate mail, you can use a rule to move older mail to another folder or delete it as it arrives.This method is usually better if you are creating a new profile or needed to remove the account and add it back to Outlook, but you need to set it up before you begin downloading mail. Please assist me and advise how I can remove MSN permanently. Hi, in order to change the homepage from your browsers, go to settings and click on the view home page and edit it then change it to Google and save it. HOMEPAGEYou'd need to pop it to the top for me to see it. As soon as I shut down the Lenovo computer which has Vista and then turn on the computer again up comes Please assist me and advise how I can remove MSN permanently. wow, no msn, I restarted my computer just in case to check and no msn webpage.

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