Powerpoint master slide not updating

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First, open your Power Point document and got to the View tab on the Ribbon. Click on the little Date and Time icon which gives you options to insert the current date and time into the Power Point document.Clicking on the Date and Time icon opens up the Header and Footer dialog box.Do this if you work in a global company or present to a specific audience.To permanently set your preferred format, implement the following settings. The Options dialog gives you a lineup of additional languages to edit your document. Reopen the presentation and position your cursor where you wish to insert the date.

Changes are saved automatically when working online.

If you’re working from the Slides homepage, simply click the blank template with the plus sign beneath Start a new presentation in the top left of the main page.

Once open, you can rename your new Slides doc any time by clicking the Untitled Presentation box in the top left.

The options are the same for the Notes and Handouts tab.

(Preferably, don’t show the date and time on the title slide).

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