Pornographic hermaphrodites

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of d’Alambert and Diderot (another fellow inmate of Mirabeau at Vincennes, by the way) spents considerable effort to argue that hermaphrodites in fact do not exist (see this context, it may be significant that the whole story in the is presented as if set in Mirabeau’s lifetime.

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Source: Wiki Commons ( It is not double-sex bodies he is interested in, but rather same-sex desire.

Nonetheless, I find this glimpse into the afterlife of a medieval account of an hermaphrodite monk very interesting; it shows, once more, how some of these stories (short as they may be) continued to be told and retold, translated, misunderstood, and adopted to rather different needs across the centuries.

It is also significant that the possibility of sex change is only quoted to be dismissed (at least for modern times), and the focus instead is on female same-sex desire. Erotika biblion, avec annotations du Chevalier de Pierrugues […], intr.

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Her previous article for 4th Wave Now was “Transing the Dead: The erasure of gender-defiant role models from history.” by Carrie-Anne Brownian Though many people today have wholeheartedly accepted the theory claiming “gender identity” is innate, such an idea developed very recently in the grand span of human history.

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