Pokemon text rpg updating guide

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I've looked to see if any fans might have done some but so far doodly squid.

Perhaps the creator will add a mod of some kind with comission.

Thank you ever so much for the fun we've had with this interactive. this is an awesome game all together x3 every aspect is awesome!

You may not know it, but it's probably one of the most developed and expanded (I'll be here all week) interactives created, so be proud. There is also a bug in the gingerbread house ending. I right click "save as" and download it to wherever but when I try to open it my computer plays it with Windows Movie Maker or something that plays it like a movie (which doesn't work clearly).

I can't say I'll miss the updates, but I can say I will fervently enjoy what you've done so far~ Now, you go do what you wanna do, and do good like I know you can and will. This game was always a lot of fun, and I sincerely thank you for all the effort put into it. No sarcasm here, it is perfect for when you want to screw around are return to the former glory of a previous version's save file. Over 5,000 pounds, two hours to move a space, looking for Samson's spectrum gem, and this happens.

Thank, you again~ I'm still sad to see this go, but it has been one crazy ride. Side note: There's still an occasional bug in the beach area. The easiest way to get a spectrum gem is by selecting it as your reward from the horse's first quest (the fetch quest in the grasslands).

You've done a wonderful job and I'm both happy and impressed to have seen it come so far.

This is basically a copy-paste of the comment I put. Click Open, Choose File and navigate to the save you want to use. That's a number between -something, I'm not sure, but stay in that general range and you'll be fine.I'd even look at artists like Prisonsuit rabbitman on deviant art for ideas.But if the creator of this rpg did expand I would like them maybe to look at these two production pieces and maybe try ether working with them or move in a similar direction.(Home, Blacksmith, Shops, etc) because it won't appear. x P Head here to this folder address: C:/Users/[username]/App Data/Roaming/Macromedia/Flash Player/#Shared Objects/[gibberish]/d.facdn.net/art/noone/ Then there should be a new folder titled: 1398966098.noone_Copy the sol file and put it in there. I actually did a looksee of the folder address, so I copied my SOL file, and I've been keeping it to move my character to a new version, in case another one ever comes out. still waiting to see a visual imaged of the "members" as you call them, maybe a picture of all of them together, but considering you're choices of production (writing) it may or may not have to be a commission from somebody.Just opening the new version of the game creates an empty save file, so just copy paste the SOL file into the folder, and bam! Heheh, to be honest, I've kinda tried my hand at drawing them myself.

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