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I did find multiple instances of My SQL running but every time I killed them and tried to re-start I would get the problem again.I didn't see an error code in the log file but I thought it might be a permissions problem after reading on this site: https:// The file that came with the install and which works fine is very simple like this: [mysqld] datadir=/var/lib/mysql socket=/var/lib/mysql/user=mysql # Disabling symbolic-links is recommended to prevent assorted security risks symbolic-links=0 [mysqld_safe] log-error=/var/log/pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/Since I couldn't figure out exactly what the problem was was with my settings, I went through each section and each line until mysql would start with my settings.(In the unlikely case that --recover fails, the data file remains intact.) But the My SQL is still offline. And I'm very sorry, I don't quite understand the second option.I tried rebooting My SQL with these commands:/etc/init.d/mysql start service mysql restart It's still offline giving this error: ERROR! Are you saying to navigate to "/var/lib/mysql/" and try "# --recover, -r"Thanks for the help.Please forgive my lack of understanding, I'm very novice.

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pid file quit without updating file-18

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pid file quit without updating file-80

At one point I had to restart My SQL (which up to this point was running fine), and received this error: After a good 20 minutes spent on Google trying various things (hunting down the mysql.plugin file to verify its permissions, removing my file, verifying my file was getting erased, etc), I finally stumbled upon the answer: My SQL was still running under a different hostname.

I have tried searching online and using those methods but have not been able to fix anything as of yet. The reason I haven't yet is because I don't have database backups and I read there's a chance when upgrading to lose the data.

My linux/centos ability is very limited, I use this server for hosting sites with Word Press. Thanks again, looking forward to your reply.--recover, -r Do a repair that can fix almost any problem except unique keys that are not unique (which is an extremely unlikely error with My ISAM tables).

Error : 3 (logs) Configuration error: Error: Could not alloc node id at port 1186: Connection done from wrong host ip

The server quit without updating PID file (/var/lib/mysql/

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